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About us

PRIM LAW is an independent law firm formed in 2014. The four founding partners have comprehensive and diverse prior experience working in top Romanian law firms and created PRIM LAW to provide an outstanding client-oriented company.

PRIM LAW provides expert legal counsel, with a particular focus on corporate law and litigation. Our general services include corporate and commercial contracts, due diligence analysis, real estate contracting, private and public procurement, taxes and accountancy, labor law, intellectual property and general litigation.

Our seasoned legal team works with both business and private law and has extensive expertise in representing foreign and domestic companies in various industries.

PRIM LAW is dedicated to the principle of providing clients with business-oriented legal services that strive at all times to maintain close and personal contact with its clients.

PRIM LAW’s philosophy is based on demonstrable dedication to our clients: 

  • We have a relationship with our clients based on openness, trust, mutual respect, and integrity;
  • We provide the highest level of confidentiality for our clients' information and their business; 
  •  We provide our clients with the most accurate and up to date professional advice; 
  •  We constantly improve our level of proficiency; 
  • We understand and care about our clients’ business; 
  • We transform our advice into key elements of our clients’ success; 
  • We anticipate the needs of our clients and provide them with proactive solutions; 
  •  We work diligently to provide effective cost management;