Corporate Structure

Assistance in the choice of corporate structure, incorporation of companies, negotiation of joint ventures with local firms, provision of backup services for corporate audits, assistance in board of directors’ meetings and general meetings of shareholders, share registration, increase and reduction of capital, mergers and acquisitions, spin-offs, share transfers, dissolution and liquidation, branches and subsidiaries’ establishment, takeover bids and acquisitions of controlling interests, management of share, stock and securities issues.

Commercial Law

International sales and commercial transactions, commercial contracts, transfers of leases and/or business licenses, franchise leasing, product distribution, commercial dealerships, and business assets acquisition.

Competition Law

Assistance and representation with all matters related to protection of corporate assets, licenses, products and intellectual property, including exclusive distribution rights, corporate mergers and takeovers, and representation before anti-trust and merger commissions.

Tax Law

Advice in connection with corporate and individual tax issues, profit tax, withholding tax, VAT, customs tax, tax on salaries and personal revenue, local taxes, tax facilities for activities in undeveloped areas and industrial parks, free zones, and double taxation avoidance treaties.

Labor and Employment Law

Employment of expatriates, including visas and work permit related issues, local labor regulations regarding personnel dismissals, drafting of employment contracts, trade union negotiation and development of collective labor contracts.

Public procurement

Consultancy with regard to the drawing-up of the award documentation for public tenders, review and assistance with compliance with public procurement procedures, and representation before the National Council for Solving Complaints and of other courts as necessary.

Banking & Insurance

Institutional lending review, underwriting, loan development and arrangement, domestic and international finance, leveraged buyouts, development of national and international credit lines and extensions.


Legal advice on media acquisitions, and assistance in organizing promotions and media campaigns.

Litigation & Arbitration

Our lawyers have extensive experience in litigation and arbitration, and it represents a primary area of our practice. Our legal team serves clients in both commercial and civil disputes during all stages of litigation and arbitration. Our lawyers regularly provide representation in all Romanian Courts of Law, including; The Romanian Supreme Court of Justice, The Constitutional Court, The Court of International Commercial Arbitration as associated with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Romania, and The European Court of Human Rights.

We strive to shape our legal strategy to maximize our clients best chances of success through pre-trial settlement where possible, and courtroom litigation where is required. PRIM Law has experience in public procurement, cancellation of deeds and agreements, restitutions, insolvency management, labor disputes, accelerated procedures for debt collection, wills, inheritances and partitions, complaints of violation, commercial and civil litigation review, and IT and IP dispute resolution.

Debts recovery

We represent the clients in the development of amicable solutions before the Court of Justice, and assist in the management of compulsory execution procedures.

Intellectual property

Registration of trademarks, patents, and industrial designs, as well as litigation related to the illegal use and other infringement issues, including internet and software related legislation as it applies to the Romanian market.

Real Estate

Assistance and advice in all the matters related to the transfer of property, sale and purchase agreements, representation with relation with Notary Public services, assistance, and advice in matters related to property infringement or changes adverse property change, land purchase agreements, construction contracts, construction management contracts, utility contracts, leases and financing.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We cover all aspects of this dynamic process, including the formulation of strategies for acquisitions, private transaction development, stock-for-stock acquisitions, corporate spin-off execution, acquisitions of minority interests, due diligence review, transaction structuring and management, takeover counseling, and post-closing formalities.


In addition, to advice on formal bankruptcy proceedings, we have well-known abilities in consensual corporate restructuring and negotiations during all stages of insolvency review and execution.

Immigration Law

Romanian immigration laws are complex. Individuals attempting to navigate the process without legal counsel face numerous challenges. We are widely regarded as a knowledgeable, experienced, and dedicated practitioner in the field. Our firm is well-versed in immigration laws and can advise on many unique situations, and other common situations.

We will explain in detail all potential remedies for your situation and keep you continuously informed about the status of your case. We strive to give you personal attention so that you feel you have an advocate on your side.